9/20/20: The Eastern Shore Alano Club is now open. ALL meetings are welcome back to our clubhouse!

As many meetings typically held at ESAC have moved to an online format, we are looking for members/those in 12-step fellowships to chair meetings at the club. In an ongoing effort to preserve the ESAC as a resource in our community, we hope to see our usual meetings "come home" to the ESAC.

Meeting attendees at the ESAC should:
- Practice social distancing
- Wear a mask at all times
- BYOD (bring your own drink)
- Sign in when entering the facility

If you are interested in chairing a meeting please contact club manager Mary Forsyth at 410-708-6423.

All meetings will be supplied with sanitization products. We hope to see you!


Looking for a meeting?

Click our Meeting List to view meetings held daily at the Eastern Shore Alano Club, or visit our resources tab for a list of meetings in the surrounding area.
*List was updated 9/20/20 to reflect changes in our meeting schedule due to COVID 19


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